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Call for Papers

Call for Papers:

The 4th Annual Linguistics Conference at the University of Georgia (LCUGA4)

October 6-8, 2017

The Linguistics Society at the University of Georgia (LSUGA) announces the 4th Annual Linguistics Conference at UGA (LCUGA4). Following in the tradition of previous LCUGAs, we invite presentations which span linguistics subfields as well as incorporate interdisciplinary research from other areas of the sciences and humanities. The central focus of this year's conference is “Crossing Boundaries”. We encourage creative interpretation of this focus, and welcome papers that address any of a myriad of what may be considered linguistic boundaries. Potential topics include, but are not limited to: Sociolinguistic variables that shape geographic or cultural dialect boundaries; boundaries dictated by time (e.g. diachronic analysis); the boundary between the classroom and the community; phonetic/phonological explorations of segment, syllable, word, and intonational unit boundaries; syntactic phase boundaries; the human/computer interface; and second/additional language perception, production, and acquisition.

We are proud to welcome the following plenary speakers to LCUGA4:

 Dr. Walt Wolfram, North Carolina State University

Dr. Amanda Dalola, University of South Carolina

Dr. Susan Tamasi, Emory University

In keeping with our focus, we especially welcome presentations concerned with the interfaces between different modules of the grammar (e.g. the syntax-phonology interface), those which draw on methodologies associated with multiple subfields or which are collaborative or interdisciplinary in nature, and those that bridge the gap between academia and the non-academic community. Although preference will be given to high-quality submissions which address our central focus, we also welcome presentations on any topic relevant to the field of linguistics.

One $100 travel award for best student abstract will be awarded at the conference. All papers presented will be eligible for publication in our LCUGA proceedings.

Applicants are welcome to submit up to two abstracts, one single-authored and one co-authored contribution. Presenters will be allotted 20 minutes, plus 5-10 minutes of discussion. Abstracts should not exceed 500 words (not including title and references); any examples should be incorporated into the text of the abstract with relevant figures, charts, and/or graphs included on a single separate page. Abstracts must be in Word (.doc) format, and must not include any personally identifying information. Submissions that do not comply with the above guidelines will not be considered for acceptance.

Please submit all abstracts via EasyAbs at by July 1, 2017. For questions and inquiries regarding LCUGA4, please see our website or email